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This book is about YOU and it’s about civilization. This book is not about religion. It’s about civilization in all its diverse cultures, ethnicities, races, nationalities, religions and languages. This book especially aims to propose a new civilizational order. This proposal needs a Hero who can who can adopt it and turn it into reality.

YOU are that HERO. You are the main element, the principal component, and the essential building block of any civilization. YOU are a MIRACLE. Indeed, you are the miracle that makes miracles happen. You might choose to activate this miracle or you might not.

You might choose to use it to make great things happen for you and yours. Or you can choose to activate this miracle and to broaden the circle of your miraculous influence to achieve even greater, larger, more comprehensive and more encompassing impacts for all, including you and yours.

As a hero, you can use this miracle for your real challenge in life: to face the “SELF” with all its manipulations, deceptions and cunning. The self is wily and crafty. Its great manifestations lie in the “Individual Ego”—the “I”—and in the “Collective Ego”—the “US”—fighting you and disputing you for control over your awareness, consciousness and willpower.

A new civilizational order is rising and forming right now. To play your part and to participate in building it, you will need to be open, competitive and cooperative with “the other”—every “other” around the world.

As a hero, you have the willpower to choose not to surrender to the conspiracy illusion, not to acquiesce to playing the role of victim, and not to accept being on the receiving end of other people’s actions. You have the willpower to choose to play the leading role instead of being a face in the crowd.

You can call on your courage, sharpen your motivation, and liberate your willpower to participate in building our new global civilization; a civilization that belongs to the “all.” You can do this, but only if you choose to be a HERO.