Waeil Borhan is a thinker, author, lecturer, mentor, professional learner and primarily, a servant. 

As an entrepreneur Waeil has excelled in real estate development, farming and is currently empowering other business leaders through venture capital investment. As a skilled global strategist Waeil has has a history of success in finding common areas between influential leaders of opposite persuasions, convincing and encouraging them to build on their mutual areas of interest, despite of their differences in religious, political, economic or social beliefs. This work has led to the formation of several important social institutions. 

Waeil’s current passion is the Bldna Foundation. The foundation carefully selects influential figures that work together to become purposely driven leaders in their areas of influence, finding more common space for collaboration with peers of very different religious, political, economic and social views striving together to create a better world for humanity. 

Africa is "the place" and home for Waeil.  He fell in love with the continent during his worldwide travels, thinking, meditating and contemplating, while climbing its mountains and wandering its plains and plateaus.

Most importantly Waeil is a loving husband, a devoted father and a loyal friend to many throughout the world.

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