• Dec, 10 , 18

The Formation of Consciousness under Self-Centeredness

Let’s look at another side of consciousness. Was your consciousness formed haphazardly, or selectively? When you woke up this morning, did you enjoy a healthy, delicious breakfast? Nutritionists tell us that a good breakfast is the best start to a fruitful day.

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  • Dec, 07 , 18

Never Forget! Victims and Sages

We have spoken above of victimhood and ego under self-centeredness. As the concept of victimhood is connected to the individual ego, the concept of collective victimhood is connected to the collective ego.

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  • Dec, 03 , 18

What I Want vs. What I Need

This explosion has been created by confusing two things in the minds of consumers: a desire for a product and a conviction that you need that product. Slow down and think a little about that last, and look at your own self from this perspective, then keep reading.

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  • Nov, 30 , 18

Consumption, Marketing, and the Media: Effects on the Ego

The culture of consumption is a cornerstone of the modern Western economy. The rise and continuation of this culture is justified as follows: a factory produces a certain product, and employs a certain number of workers. If we can increase sales, the owner of the factory makes more profit, and as profit accumulates, a new factory will be built, providing jobs to more workers.

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  • Nov, 26 , 18

The Worst Kind of Idolatry: Praying to God while Worshiping the Self

The Self is a creative genius – in the service of itself. This is the source of what I am proposing. Do the people who have chosen God (regardless of their religion) truly worship Him as He wishes? There are shocking signs of the reverse.

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  • Nov, 23 , 18

God-centrism, Charity-Centrism, and Self-Centeredness

God does not necessarily reside in Charity; but everything, including Charity, resides in God.

What does this mean? What’s the difference?

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