Attack on a synagogue in the United States,

Attack on a mosque in New Zealand,

Attack on a church in Nigeria,


A terrorism attack.

OK, Why?

Because, it’s a hate crime.

Yes, but Why?

I believe we need to explore the WHYs in order to reach the core of the real problem and begin to find real solutions. 

It’s like dealing with serious illness. A High fever is a symptom of many serious diseases. Of course we should treat the fever at once, but that alone does not address the root cause of the disease.

So, again, we ask, why? Perhaps the real reason has something to do with OUR TRIBE

We hate you because your beliefs differ from OUR TRIBE’s beliefs. 

We take exception you because your skin color differs from OUR TRIBE’s skin color. 

We are afraid of you because your culture is not like OUR TRIBE ’s culture. 

This is the inherent danger of tribalism, the exclusion of the other for arbitrary reasons. What drives those prejudicial beliefs? I believe it to be the ego, a life lived in the self-centeredness paradigm. 

Therefore, if tribalism is the symptom of the self-centeredness disease, how can we cure it? I offer two possible courses of treatment: 

If you don’t believe in God, you can seek the help from an ego-free set of values to be able to liberate your soul from the siege of your self and replace the value of fear with peace and tranquillity. 

If you do believe in God, you can consciously choose to live under a God-centered paradigm, allowing you to reign in your ego and your self as a result of putting God’s will and wishes before your own. 

By choosing as such, the others will remain others, they will not be US, but our feelings towards them and consequently our actions will change.

This creates an exciting opportunity to learn more about those we don’t know, perhaps gain an appreciation for their culture and beliefs. It's a great opportunity to enhance our awareness and broaden our knowledge. It's a great opportunity to make new acquaintances, new friends and maybe new families. 

I offer that to discard those choices leads to a life of hate, contempt and fear of the other tribe. 

The choice as always is ours. 

Learning from children.

Learning from children.

Dying for God for the Self and for ‘Us’

Dying for God for the Self and for ‘Us’

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