President Biden’s Calls for Unity are Met With The Mounting Danger of Fear

President Biden’s Calls for Unity are Met With The Mounting Danger of Fear

A crack has been wedged into the American society, no one can argue about that. Healing this crack is your personal responsibility and how you do it is vitally important.

I believe the best way to choose is to try to visualize what kind of community you want to have after this damage, I can think of 2 choices:

1. Different communities that coexist in one country under a “truce”.


2. One community with different components, living together.

The result you choose will depend upon how you decide to deal with events of the past several years, because they are largely the symptoms of a greater disease.

If you choose to deal with the symptoms, you will end up in coexistence under truce. However, if you want one community living together, you will have to deal with the essence of the problem, the real disease.

The words tribalism, racism and division have been used to describe the symptoms of our disease, an affliction I believe us ultimately more accurately described as:

Living under a Self - Centeredness Paradigm

Under this paradigm the self will use a tactics and tools to protect itself  from danger, mostly imagined, by sinking into the feeling of FEAR and the agents it employs are 2 clever generals:

The personal Ego & The collective Ego 

I believe it is the later that is responsible for the painful symptoms of tribalism, racism, and division.

It’s important to be aware that there are rarely bad people and good people , a racist people and an inclusive people ...I don’t think so, I believe all of us have a good side and a bad side inside of us, and the circumstances activate either one of them. Most of those who engage in tribalism and racism are actually victims of their own fear, real or imagined

Therefore if you will deal with the symptoms of tribalism and racism - you will end up in the coexistence truce community. However, if you will  deal with illness- The FEAR - you will end up with an appreciation of society’s different components and ultimately a safe space for living together.

Many people weren’t denouncing the tribalism and racism and hate among us, because they were -and still are- AFRAID.

Afraid for their jobs, afraid for their security, afraid for their life style , afraid for their culture... afraid for ... afraid for ... afraid for ... and that was smartly planned and successfully  implemented , a small group of people knew about what and how they could benefit from fear mongering.

To deal with the Fear is how you help those entangled in it liberate themselves from the collective ego and therefore from the self that subdues their free will.
I believe that you will need to win minds, but more important is how you will win hearts. The effort needs to be careful to be inclusive, to embrace, not to reject, not to point accusing fingers.

The understanding that we must come to is that we are one. There is no winner or loser, we either all succeed or all fail in this critical endeavor.

It’s essential to understand the fact that we are all one in spite of our differences,
In fact, our collective strength and uniqueness comes from that diversity.
The USA is one of the  few melting pot countries around the world, but it’s the largest and the youngest, and many countries and societies around the world are watching what will be the choice of its people, to copy and paste. 

Truces are common practice between different countries but not between the citizens of one. If we fail to live as one and don’t control the collective ego and rein the self, we may easily wake up one morning in few years from now asking ourselves the bitter Question:

"Is this marvelous experiment called the United States working, or have we reached the point that we need to divide into different, smaller countries because we are simply too divided?”

The choice is yours now, it’s not too late......YET.

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