Learning from children.

Learning from children.

Do you ever think about why children make us feel comfortable?  Of course we  complain about noise, mess and some other things, but in spite of all of that, we love to be near of those adorable creatures. 

Which part of yourself do you think inspires a feeling of comfort around children? Is it your soul with all its simplicity or your self with its 2 generals - private ego & collective ego and their complexity that favors that company?

I believe that we not only like the company of children because of their youthful exuberance or endless curiosity, but also because we seek help from them. Unconsciously our SOUL  reaches out for children to save it from the siege of our SELF that entraps it. 

But why children? I think that children while they are young, don’t build walls around their souls, they don’t cultivate an ego, they don’t submit to worship the Idol - the self. Therefore, they are continuously connecting with their souls and their hearts and that’s reflected in the forms of innocence, real laughs, pure enthusiasm and peace. 

The absence of the self in childhood also means the absence of the culture of FEAR . Fear of comparison, fear of being judged, fear of the “other.” Fear is learned through experience and children don’t have that yet. 

Children play together, fight and reconcile in minutes. They are blind to race, religion and socioeconomic status, they haven’t yet assigned meaning to those things. We, our collective society, teach them to develop ego, teach them to fear. 

We need to be careful with we do with our children, we need to learn from them more than we teach them. We need to seek their help to teach us how to be connected to our souls. We need to seek help from their tranquility and peace to overcome our fear. 

All of our souls regardless of who we are, come from one source, GOD. We must embrace this similarity. Building walls around ourselves harms our ability to connect with others in the innocent way that children do. We truly have much to learn from the younger generation. 

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