It’s not a political competition anymore, it’s a pure TRIBAL instinctive war.

It’s not a political competition anymore, it’s a pure TRIBAL instinctive war.

One of life’s most important and challenging tasks is to accurately assess a situation. Candor and honesty must win the day when analyzing an issue. If you misdiagnose the symptoms, you’ll never cure the disease.

A few thousand years ago, my home nation of Egypt was the center of an empire. If the Egyptian empire sneezed, the whole world at that time would catch a cold. The British empire of the 18th and 19th centuries also bore that distinction. Today the world has caught a cold (quite literally I know, but for different reasons and that’s a different thought piece) because America can’t stop sneezing.

Every civilization has a center nation, and after World War II followed by the collapse of the Soviet Union, the USA became the center nation of modern western civilization.

And now, western civilization has become global civilization as adopted by the people of the world. Therefore, the USA became the center nation of global civilization, she became the center of the world, and what a  responsibility that is.

The center of the world then with its two-party governing structure has recently seen it’s organizational structure fray.  The parties have devolved into two tribes, the Republican tribe and the Democratic tribe waging a brutal holy war against one another.


This conflict has all the hallmarks of a tribal dispute:

-It is either them or us

-There is no room for compromise

-You are either with us or against us

-There is only one right point of view, which of course is ours.

-The leader of one tribe is a semi-God/Chief. What he says, thinks and predicts is the only holy pure truth in spite of how stupid or foolish it might be.


COVID -19 vaccinations and issues surrounding the emissions that have caused global climate change are two battles in this holy war, and these are the early few drops of the coming foolish rain. In the coming weeks I’ll analyze them both.

However, it isn’t the issues as much as how Americans wage war over them. Truth is replaced by propaganda; thinking has ceded to simply repeating the words of the great chief. Logic has  been replaced by stubbornness. The culture has become elementary school yard like, without the purity and innocence.

The correct diagnosis of this problem is victory of the self, driven by personal and collective ego. If this selfishness reigns, we’re headed down a dangerous path. 

Sadly, the center of global civilization, America is headed in the wrong direction, the past instead of the future. America is dragging the world back to the dark ages, but this time the weapons of the day are the internet and social media in place of the simple sword, axe and spear. For GOD sake, stop now before it’s too late!

In GOD we trust – an open letter to President Joseph R. Biden

In GOD we trust – an open letter to President Joseph R. Biden

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