In GOD we trust – an open letter to President Joseph R. Biden

In GOD we trust – an open letter to President Joseph R. Biden

Dear Mr. President, 

Following your election, you declared, "America is Back." You proclaimed to us all that America had returned as the leader of the world, the beacon for freedom and democracy for all, steadfast in her mission to spread these noble values across the globe.

Sir, I write to assert that the role of world leader comes with important responsibility. When I read the magnificent sentence : “In God we trust “ on the American banknotes, I remember the well-known story of the grandson asking his wise grandfather about good and evil and his grandfather’s answer about the two wolves inside of us, one good and one evil and the one that prevails is the one that we feed.

It is my belief that the good wolf is the servant of God and the evil wolf is the servant of the self. I believe we have spent the last four years feeding the evil wolf, resulting in an inflated collective ego, increased fear and hate of the other and dangerous tribalism.

I also believe that you have the opportunity to give the world an example how to feed the other wolf, the one that serves a greater purpose than the self, the one that unifies, the one that serves God’s purpose and that of the world to give hope to those who need it, freedom to the oppressed, and dignity to us all.

I hope this starts as it must in the fight against COVID-19. It is the responsibility of the world’s leading nation to lead us through the plague of our generation. I am not suggesting that America bear the cost of this burden alone, in fact I am hoping that the US can form two coalitions, one of her allies and one of her rivals.

The one of her allies, is  to answer the global call of those nations not able to afford to vaccinate their populations and deliver to them the vital aid that will facilitate it , by calling and leading developed able nations to raise to needed funds. 

The one of her Rivals, is to bare the burden of the logistics of such a great act. 

The United States Army is without question the best logistics operation on earth. What if you Mr President call to form a coalition of the second and third best logistical operators, the Chinese and Russian military forces? Imagine how together they could accomplish surging vaccines supplies to all corners of the globe. Imagine the signal it would send that in humanity’s darkest hour, even the military might of rivals can be mustered and unified for good.

The coming together of disparate interests, authoritarianism and democracy would be unprecedented, but isn’t the world’s leader in freedom is the only nation that can make that happen? Isn’t that how America can spread this idea of the American dream, that anything is possible if it can be done together? That freedom from suffering is a boundless unifying force?

I urge you Mr. President, bring together America’s rivals in a demonstration of selflessness, show the world how trust in a higher ideal than the self is how to end this awful pandemic. Show the world an example of God-centric act in favor of a self-centered one. Live the words of the great motto ...In God we Trust.

President Biden’s Calls for Unity are Met With The Mounting Danger of Fear

President Biden’s Calls for Unity are Met With The Mounting Danger of Fear

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