Waeil Borhan

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About Waeil Borhan

Waeil Borhan is dedicated to empowering others through belief in their own capabilities. Waeil’s formal training is in architecture and his professional journey has taken him into real estate development and a diverse set of entrepreneurial enterprises. His passion lies in empowering leaders and people of influence to adopt the mantle of service to their communities and the world. He specializes in finding common ground among diverse peoples, helping them find and work together on common best interests. read more..

What people say about the book

Fatantastic Book

Fantastic book, The book inspire you to think about everything you do in your life and how you can relate what you do to be aligned with what the God wants from you.

Heart opening

This book is an eye/mind and -most importantly- heart opening. Be patient while you are reading.. And enjoy 🙂

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